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Albert Goering 

The notorious Nazi Hermann Goering aided Adolf Hitler's rise to power and for years he was second in importance only to Hitler in The Third Reich.

As founder of the Gestapo, Hermann Goering was instrumental in creating the first concentration camps for political dissidents and a prominent leader of the Final Solution, the murder of 6.000.000 Jews. Next to Hitler the man who played the largest part in the shaping of the Nazi inferno ..

But his younger brother Albert Goering loathed all of Nazism's inhumanity and at the risk of his career, fortune and life, used his name and connections to save many Jews and gentiles.

Holocaust Photos  

The parallel with Oscar Schindler is inevitable. The story of Albert Goering, however, is almost unknown - he was shoved into obscurity by the enormity of his brother's crimes.

After the war Albert Goering was imprisoned for several years for his name alone.

But testimonies of survivors and a report, buried until recently in British archives, documents that Albert Goering actually saved many lives from the horrors of Holocaust.

This is his story.

- Louis Bülow


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